A New Beginning

I’m scared! I’ll admit it. I’m starting something new. I’m turning my favorite pasttime and my little business in a whole new direction. I’ve decided to share what I do with a much bigger audience, not just my friends and family. For the past 13 years I have run a profitable little business teaching card making and crafting using Stampin’ Up products. It has been fun and friendship building. I did this all while I worked as a school principal and later, as an educational consultant.

I have retired and have begun to travel and we have even acquired a winter home in a sunny place. I have been looking for a way to continue this wonderful crafting small business as I changed my lifestyle. What are the possibilities? What might my new way of doing business look like? I have carefully studied the businesses of others and examined the new skills I would need to acquire if I were to replicate their successes. You could say that so far 2019 has been a year of growth for me. I’ve learned a lot but certainly not everything I need to know to do the things I want to do. Even so, I am beginning this endeavor and that is my #1 goal for the year, to simply begin this something new.

I still plan to do face to face classes as much as I did before but in those travel months I plan to do a new version of the old me. Watch and encourage me to bring out new classes like Class to Go or Retreat in a Box or even a Live with Fancy Nancy. Expect to see Facebook Live presentations with card ideas, tips on products, and sometimes even sneak peaks to new products coming from Stampin’ Up.

I don’t expect to spend less time with my friends and fellow crafters. I hope I can increase the time we spend together, deepening our crafting experience, as well as widening our crafting community.

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