Christmas Magic Online

Christmas is a mere 12 weeks away. That's a scary thought! I have so much to do! Decorations to make! Cards to make and send (hopefully before Valentine's Day)! Packages to wrap! It always seems to sneak up on me but not this year! I have a plan that I am calling Christmas Magic. Every two week between October 1st and December 4th, I am going to be demonstrating a set of cards that you can receive free if you place a minimum order of $50 during that week using my special host code. I will include two each of the four designs that I demonstrate with the materials cut and prepared for you to simply stamp and assemble. I do not include the stamps in the kits that I create because many of my customers have quite a collection of Christmas and holiday stamps that they may choose to substitute for mine. In any case, I will give you a list of supplies that I used for the sample cards that are not included and you can choose to shop for them using that host code.

Let me make it very clear...when you shop using my code, you do not have to shop for the items I list but rather any items that you may need for your Christmas preparations or even items that you are choosing to give as special Christmas gifts this year.

For your holiday planning, let me chart for you exactly what you will see over the next nine weeks:

October 5 - 9 Peaceful Deer - four cards

October 19 - 23 Christmas Season - four cards

November 2 - 6 Seasonal Swirls - four cards

November 19 - 23 Gingerbread and Peppermint - Garland and Tags

December 1 - 4 Peaceful Cabin

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