Has Your Wish List Grown Too Long?

You may not know this but there is a way for you to purchase your supplies and stamp sets at a 20% discount. You can purchase the Starter Kit for $99. You get to choose the contents of that kit selecting your favorite items up to the amount of $125.00. But it gets even better this during the month of June. You get to choose an additional bundle FREE to add to that starter kit. That can be an additional value of more than $50.

What additional business things, purchases or otherwise are you committed to once you buy the starter kit? Absolutely none! You can choose to purchase the minimum amount that demonstrators are allowed each month at a 20% discount or you can choose to do nothing more than enjoy the great bargain that you just got.

This is an amazing offer, one that you don't want to miss. Do you have more questions? Do you want to find out how to do this? Email me.