Shelter in Place - BE SAFE!

Today begins the third week of Washington State's Shelter in Place Order. But wait, I am NOT in Washington State but rather I am vacationing (??) in Arizona where we began our own Shelter in Place at 5 PM last night. Truth be told, my husband and I self-initiated our own Shelter in Place when we arrived here on March 9th after a brief sojourn in Washington to see our darling granddaughter perform in You Are a Good Man Charlie Brown. We could see that the situation was worsening quickly and we decided it was important to stay safe and healthy.

Sadly, I left all of my stamping gear in Spokane. I had prepared classes that a member of my downline was leading. I traveled to Arizona thinking we had two weeks of baseball and swimming and good friends and a brief respite from my typical daily activity. Alas, we have hunkered down, not traveling back home as we expected and determined to stay safe and keep others safe as well.

I miss stamping! I ordered a few stamp sets and some supplies and hope to start giving online classes from my Arizona home. Already today, I have sighed an exasperated sigh because I don't have a certain punch or color of ink. But, I am learning we can create with what we have. Give us a piece of paper, a rubber stamp and an ink pad, we will find a way to bring those ideas and concepts to life.

I hope you will join me to create and have fun and simply relax. I miss you!